Welcome To Our Home! We describe our Cuisine as home cooking. Our mother, founder and name sake of the restaurant, along with our father Virgilio (Virgil) started serving the Porter Highlands in 1985. We offer dishes that mom made for us growing up. We Do Not cook with lard or shortening; also, we Do Not cook with MSG or a lot of salt, which makes our cuisine a little lighter and healthier. We also offer several Gluten free options as well as vegetarian and vegan options.

For nearly 30 years, we have had shared with you our mom’s kitchen that has created a legion of friends and families pass through our doors. We have seen the neighbors come and go and return after a long absence. Our neighborhood has changed from being the Northside to Highlands, but our food continues to be the same. In the 25 years plus we have been recognized several times locally and nationally. We have hosted: Governors, Mayors, Senators, Congressmen/women, and other Distinguished Dignitaries, but we strive to remain humble. We have continued our annual Thanksgiving feast, feeding as little as 200 meals our first couple of years and up to 6000 meals in recent years.

The Aguirre Family wants to thank you for visiting us… If it’s your first time Welcome! If you are part of our extended family, thank you for making our first 25 years possible. We look forward to our next 25 years serving you at Rosa Linda’s traditional kitchen Thank you for letting us serve you… Rosa Linda, Virgilio, Oscar, Virgilio Jr, Eric, Linda, Esmeralda, Angel, Destiny, Eric E, Devon, Virgilio Erazmo, Quetzali, Alayna, and Natalia