Thanksgiving 2014


30 years

of Serving Denver's Needy

Thanksgiving needs and wants
Good Morning! Can you believe we are in NOVEMBER…WOW!! As you know I am a little behind on the thanksgiving info(AGAIN!! It comes way to fast Every YEAR). The event is going on for the 30th year in a row and we are working on improving the event through the help of other volunteers and close friends. 
The first question we are being asked is what do we need.

We need Donations, 
Cash Donations: These donations go to pay for the additional cost incurred for Extra equipment and insurances.

Can Be Donated at,

or you can buy Special T-shirts at: 

We also Need to A) Rent or B) Borrow a Refrigerator truck or trailer from November 15th -30th so we may store and keep all foods produced safe.

And we Need Food Donations
Food Items we need: 
a. Turkey
b. Instant Rice
c. Caned Green chili
d. Canned chicken stock or broth
e. Tomato Juice
f. Ground Cumin (Bulk)
g. Garlic salt 
h. Bay Leafs
i. Instant Mashed potatoes
j. Frozen or Canned Mixed Veggies
k. 6” & 10” heavy duty paper plates
l. Disposable forks and knifes
m. 16 oz hot and cold paper cups
n. Coffee
o. Napkins
p. LARGE Trash bags
q. Disposable aluminum pans
r. Juice concentrate for beverage service

Second Question asked is How do I Volunteer? 

Many people who mean well want to volunteer on this day and the days leading up to the event. We are doing our best to accommodate everyone who wants to help serve but our space is limited. 

We also have to take into account the safety of the little ones. Parents We understand you want to show your children what it means to give back. WE DO! But Understand we do have limited space and we have hot food moving in and out, aside from feeding our guest we want to do it without incident to our young volunteers. We are working with an online system to best coordinate the volunteers between Oscar, Linda, Eric, Liz and the Volunteers. We have a link for new volunteers
We have 3 shifts Available 7Am-11AM, 11 AM- 1 PM, and 1PM-4 PM. We always have tons of volunteers in the morning and hardly any for the late shift. The late shift is when we need a lot of help, especially on the clean up and breakdown of the event.

Families who want to help we encourage you to look at your own community. Start with your schools, churches, Neighbors, senior living centers, the elderly, veterans groups, single teen parents; single grandparents who are raising the grandkids, families who loved ones are sick and home bound. Get a list of those in need. 
The next step is as a family you come to the restaurant, pick up as many meals as you need and you can deliver them yourself. This way you can help us reach out to those who we cannot reach. Space is limited at the restaurant and can be a bit hazardous especially for little ones.

IF YOU WANT TO SEND A MEAL TO SOMEONE: Please advise them to be expecting our volunteer drivers between 11 AM and 3 PM

Those of you, who work with our target audience, PLEASE!! We are asking you if you can do us a favor and help us help you. The hours of service are from 10 Am-3PM, there are no prequalification required no questions are asked regardless of the legal status. We are reaching out to the senior citizens, veterans, teen moms, newly arrived immigrants, and all those in need.
Please encourage those who are able to come to the restaurant from 10 AM-3 PM 

For those that are homebound and cannot make it; we ask a favor of you... IF you can please get a list of Names, Addresses, Phone Number, and Number of people that need meals, then email it to us and we will have drivers deliver the food as soon as we can… Please advise them to be expecting our volunteer drivers between 11 AM and 3 PM
IF we do not have this Meals will NOT BE DELIVERED... PLEASE!!!
But if they must call us, please call our delivery phone number (720) 446-9481 have them call us between 9 Am-11 Am and 2 pm-4 pm ONLY!!!! We are still open for regular business and that must take priority. Without our business we won’t be able to do this for our community
Finally we want to thank you in advance. Without you we can’t do this event. Our goal one day is to feed only 250 meals but until then we will work on feeding as many as possible. 

Thanks again!
The Aguirre family